Customs & Excise Expertise Training

A good understanding of customs practices in Indonesia is very important to facilitate the flow of goods needed by the company in its business. With a smooth flow of goods, the company will avoid the high costs needed to obtain the goods and remove them from the port. In addition, the company will be able to avoid the occurrence of deviant export-import practices, which will be detrimental to the company both financially and non-financially due to various costs of managing disputes and sanctions by the relevant agencies. In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Finance No. 65 of 2007 and Regulation of the Director General of Customs and Excise Number: 24 of 2007, holders of customs certificates issued by BPPK, are qualified as Customs Experts and fulfill one of the requirements to work in the field of Customs Services (PPJK), an importer company, and / or exporter in Indonesian jurisdiction.

This training combines theoretical, regulatory and practice approaches in the field using examples and case studies. In order to achieve the intended goals and objectives, the education and training curriculum is adjusted to the subjects to be tested in the Certification Exam for Customs Experts, referring to the Regulation of the Head of the Financial Education and Training Agency No. 008 / PP / 2009 concerning Certification Guidelines for Customs Experts. This training is also designed to be able to help participants in Customs Expert preparation.

Why do you have to do Customs Training at MPC Consultants?

MPC Consultant is a Consultation and Training Institute that organizes Customs Expert training which has several advantages over similar training providers, namely:

  1. MPC is supported by a professional Teaching Team that is professional and comes from experienced Customs and Excise Training Centers and Customs Practitioners from the Directorate General of Customs and Excise. We only use selected resource persons who are guaranteed scientific quality and learning methods.
  2. Effective delivery time (not too long) but guaranteed the material delivered is material that is relevant to the Customs Certification exam and provided facilities for learning consultation with the Teaching Team.
  3. The Executive learning room facilities are very comfortable and located in a very strategic place.
  4. Provided quality learning modules compiled by resource persons from the Customs and Excise Education and Training Center.
  5. The graduation rate of training participants in MPC Consultant is relatively higher.
  6. For participants who have not passed the MPC Consultant training, they are given the opportunity to take part in the training session for the next exam preparation
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