Management of Customs Notification of imported or exported goods is carried out by transporters, importers or exporters. In the event that the management of Customs Notification is not carried out by itself, the importer, or the exporter can give his power to the Customs Services Management Entrepreneur (PPJK).

Customs Services Management Entrepreneurs (PPJK) are business entities that carry out management activities to fulfill customs obligations for and with the authority of importers or exporters.

REGISTRATION is the PPJK registration activity carried out by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise to obtain an identity number in the form of a Customs Service Registration Number (PPJK NP) in the context of customs access. To be able to make customs service arrangements, PPJK is required to have an identity number in the form of a Customs Services Processing Business Number (PPJK NP).

PPJK NP applies in all Customs Offices in Indonesia and is valid until there is revocation by the Director General or the appointed Officer. The results of the registration are used to carry out an assessment and profile of PPJK. The assessment and profile of PPJK is used as one of the bases in providing customs services and / or supervision to transporters, importers and exporters who authorize the management of their customs services to PPJK.

To obtain the PPJK NP Registration Number, PPJK must register via electronic media (customs website at PPJK who will register, must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. clarity and existence;
  2. clarity and truth of the identity of the management and responsibility;
  3. have employees who are qualified Customs Experts (competency); and
    certainty of auditing.

Customs and Excise Officers conduct research and assessment of fulfillment of requirements, in the form of (see attachment SE-35 / BC / 2001 concerning PPJK Research):

  1. research and administrative assessment of data;
  2. field research;

Customs and Excise Officials give a decision on registration no later than 45 (forty five) working days from the receipt of complete and correct registration data.

PPJK that has obtained PPJK NP before carrying out its activities must submit a guarantee to the Customs Office that oversees. The form of guarantee can be:

  1. cash;
  2. bank guarantee; and / or
  3. guarantee from the insurance company


  1. KPPBC Type A1 and KPU BC in the amount of Rp. 250,000,000.00
  2. KPPBC Type A2 is Rp150,000,000.00
  3. A3 Type KPPBC is Rp 100,000,000
  4. A4 Type KPPBC of Rp 50,000,000
  5. Other types of KPPBC are Rp. 25,000,000.00

PPJK which has obtained the PPJK Principal Number, is administratively under the supervision of the Customs and Excise Supervision and Service Office whose working area is in charge of the domicile of PPJK. PPJK that will conduct activities other than KPPBC which oversees the domicile of PPJK, must first:

  1. submit proof of receipt of guarantee from KPPBC whose working area is in charge of the domicile of PPJK; or
  2. submit proof of receipt of guarantee from KPPBC whose working area is in charge of the domicile of PPJK and adjusts the amount of guarantee, in the event that the amount of collateral that has been delivered is insufficient.

Documents that need to be prepared for the registration process:

  1. Trading Business License (SIUP)
  2. Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  3. Company Domicile Letter and Location Chart / Map
  4. API / APIT and Permit from DEPERINDAG
  5. PKP Inauguration, Company NPWP
  6. Deed of Establishment of the Company, Recent Amendments, along with the Approval Skep from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
  7. Office / Warehouse Ownership Proof (certificate / lease agreement)
  8. ID (KTP / Password) and NPWP from the President Director, Director and Commissioner
  9. Chart of Organizational Structure, Salary List (last month)
  10. Audit Report and SKP from DG Tax
  11. DJBC Audit Report
  12. The latest financial statements audited by KAP
  13. and the latest (other) monthly financial statements Chart of Account (Account Chart)
  14. The Accounting System Manual and examples of accounting system print-outs (journals and ledgers, as reported) last month.
  15. Employee accounting department diploma
  16. The results of the last stock opname
  17. Application and L / C documents or proof of payment to suppliers (for example the last 1 month)
  18. Customs certificate owned by company employees
  19. ISO 9001/9002 Certificate
  20. Example of PIB and its attachments (B / L, invoice, power of attorney, Packing List) for the last 1 month
  21. Photos of the location of the business and activities (face to face)
  22. Other data

For details, specifically the DKI Jakarta and its surrounding areas can use PPJK Services that are spread in various regions (Understand and recognize the character of PPJK), notification of the import of goods that have been authorized by PPJK is the responsibility of the Importer itself.

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