With a proactive approach we will help your company in terms of mobility of goods across borders efficiently and effectively. Our services include:

  1. The most appropriate choice of transportation mode
  2. Selection of reliable transportation service providers
  3. Scheduling and ordering transportation
  4. Selection of cargo insurance
  5. Warehousing Services
  6. Warehousing Management Services

AEO CERTIFICATION SERVICES (Authorized Economic Operator)

We will assist your company in obtaining AEO Certificates with scheduled times by helping to make certification requirements documents, assisting implementation, training and guiding in making your Company’s SOPs.

Classification of Export - Import Goods

We can help you in clarifying the truth about HS Code numbers of your goods and products, because this is one of the important parts in the export import process that can affect the amount of customs fees issued by your company.


Planning Services

We will help analyze your company’s supply chain process and then uncover lost opportunities and provide new ideas to increase the flow of goods in your supply chain, while ensuring that risks are minimized.

Customs Value Services

This service helps review the customs value of imported goods based on invoice prices before carrying out the customs notification process.

Customs Audit Assistance Services

Accompany your company during the customs audit process carried out by customs auditors, especially if your company accepts customs facilities such as: Bonded Zone, Bonded Logistics Center, Bonded Warehouse, KITE etc.

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