REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ABUJA – Indonesian trade data to 11 West African countries accredited by the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja was recorded to increase 10.7 percent. This figure exceeds the Indonesian Government’s target.

Power of Attorney Ad Interim of the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja, Isman Pasha said that until October 2018, Indonesia’s non-oil and gas export performance reached more than 861 million US dollars. When compared to the same period the previous year, Indonesia’s non-oil and gas exports to West Africa increased by 83 million US dollars.

The export performance of six key countries has been recorded and accredited by the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja in West Africa, including Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Congo and Cameroon. Meanwhile, there was a decline in the performance of Niger and Burkina Faso exports.

“It is estimated that due to the condition of the country that does not have direct access to the sea (land locked) that makes imported goods from Indonesia enter through third countries, such as Nigeria, Congo, or the United Arab Emirates,” he said in a press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja received by Republika. .id, this week.

Isman said that products from Indonesia, especially consumer goods are increasingly known in Africa because they have better quality compared to competing countries. In 2018, along with rising world oil prices at the beginning and middle of the year, the economic potential in Africa continues to grow.

Given that some West African countries are oil-producing countries. The potential in West Africa is also coupled with the total population of West Africa at around 310 million and accumulated GDP of around 660 billion US dollars.

Continuing the trend last year which also saw an increase in exports, this year PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA) has also succeeded in getting a renovation project for the Presidential Palace of Niger. It is hoped that in addition to strengthening bilateral relations, it can also be a driver for the entry of Indonesian service exports to West Africa.

Therefore, the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja sincerely hopes that PT WIKA can demonstrate its quality reliability in the project. In the mining sector, PT Timah since the beginning of 2018 has also begun exploration of Timah mines in Nigeria, while the results have been assessed as very potential.

“Seeing this great opportunity, the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja invites all exporters in Indonesia to be able to target the target market in West Africa more seriously,” Isman said.



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