Customs clearance process for handling departures of export goods in general
requires several documents from the exporter company as follows:

  • Company Business License (SIUP)
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Export Goods Invoice / Packing List

Export Procedure

  1. Exporters hold correspondence with importers abroad until they get a match for the price of quality, design, delivery and finally buying and selling contacts.After fulfilling the above requirements, then to carry out exports by way of payment using L / C Letter of Credit the procedure is as follows:
  2. Importers contact the opening Bank to open L / Cs addressed to exporters.
  3. The opening bank will forward the L / C to the correspondent bank at the exporter.
  4. The Central Bank continues the L / C to the exporter.
  5. Exporters prepare goods ordered by importers.
    (Exporters contact Independent Surveyors to arrange inspection of goods) If needed
  6. Exporters or through PPJK services load their goods into ships or aircraft to obtain bill of lading (B / L) or Air Waybill (AWB) as proof of ownership of goods that have been loaded on ships or airplanes.
  7. Exporters receive notification of the export of goods to the correspondent bank by completing the stipulated requirements.
  8. Exporters or through PPJK (Customs Services Management Company) EMKL / EMKU requests Customs Loading (Flat Load) approval to Customs
  9. Exporters or through PPJK services submit applications to obtain SKA (Certificate of Origin) to the office of the Department of Industry and Trade or the local Department of Industry and Trade office if necessary.
  10. The correspondent bank negotiates (buys) money orders submitted by exporters, after examining the truth of the documents submitted by the exporter.
  11. Furthermore, shipping documents are sent by the correspondent bank to the opening bank to receive reimbursement
  12. The opening bank checks whether the documents are in accordance with
  13. The importer pays or asks the opening bank to debit his account with the bank
  14. After the importer pays for these documents, the opening bank submits these documents to the importer for new expenses from customs.
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