Ambon – At the beginning of 2019, the Customs and Excise of Ambon again carried out the function of industrial assistance by carrying out assistance in the initial export activities of new commodities in the form of mangrove crabs for UD. PUTRI DESI who is a new exporter in Ambon.

On Saturday (12/01), Head of the Ambon Customs Office, Yanti Sarmuhidayanti revealed that the commodity to be exported this time was still a commodity from the fisheries sector. “This fishery export commodity originating from Maluku is exported through Ambon Customs. The fishery products in the form of mangrove crabs will be exported to two countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore,” said Yanti.

The emergence of new exporters in the Ambon-Maluku region is inseparable from the efforts and hard work of the Ambon Customs who work together in synergy with relevant agencies and the Regional Government in providing assistance in the form of export procedures, provision of facilities in the export sector and other business facilities to entrepreneurs in the Maluku region, to encourage interest in carrying out export activities in 2019.

With the increase in export activities directly from Maluku, especially in Ambon, it will generate export foreign exchange which has an effect on local revenues, this will also have a direct or indirect influence on economic growth in Maluku.



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